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  • 10 reasons why immigrants come to England or the USA, Brexit
  • 10 Negatives of Working in a Call Center and 5 Positives.
  • 5 Reasons to Remain a Nurse and 10 Ways to Avoid Burnout
  • Top 5 Reasons People Stay and Leave their Jobs.
  • 2 Reasons a 3 Year Old Won't Potty Train. Difficult Toilet Trainers!
  • 5 methods teachers use to improve student performance
  • Homework Tips for Parents with Struggling Kids
  • 6 Benefits of Homework and the Homework Checklist
  • 5 Open Alternatives to Conflict Situations

  • School, Work Papers and Notes
  • Financial selection example and Non-financial selection example
  • A project is not something that lasts for ever and is not repetitive
  • How does work sampling aid in project control/project management?
  • Four basic elements to the change control process are:
  • Project Control Systems - Final Exam
  • How is employee development related to its goals for innovation and change?
  • Managers often utilize evidence-based management. Read below to find out why.
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of the police department in a medium-sized community
  • Project management discipline, life-cycle, classification, culture, change, personality
  • Time for intuitive and evidence-based management.
  • Will technology enable top managers to do their job with little face-to-face communication?
  • Give an example in which a fad did not work as expected. Explain the reason it did not work.
  • It is necessary to teach the no growth business approach in business schools
  • Descriptive statistics is used to summarize data in a way that everyone understands
  • Questions regarding participant's demographic are asked at the beginning of the survey
  • Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization
  • Tapping into Global Markets
  • Introducing New Market Offerings
  • Managing Personal Communications: Direct and Interactive Marketing, Word of Mouth
  • Managing Mass Communications: Advertising, Sales Promotions, Events and Experiences
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  • Find the largest files on your computer. Fix disk full errors.
  • How to extend MS Office activation by another week
  • How to clean a credit card reader / pinpad
  • How to clean a Thermal Head receipt printer

  • Sports
  • 5 High School Football Tips for Coaches - Coach to Win
  • 5 Benefits of Joining a High School Sport
  • 5 Reasons to quit a high school sport and 3 consequences
  • Wrist Curls / Reverse Wrist Curls Sets / Supersets to Failure
  • Massive Forearms / Flexors - Tire Flipping, Best Forearm Exercise

  • Automotive
  • 10 Disadvantages of Buying a Used Car vs. a New Car
  • When Should a Car Thermostat be Replaced?

  • Opinions / Random Comments
  • Opinions on my Project while a Project Manager
  • Bloomington-Normal IL police are racist.
  • Climate of business in this modern age
  • If the white man wanted you gone, they could do it tomorrow
  • To Black People: A few things on my mind
  • Frustration at work, Anger at Management

  • Other
  • 5 Books for Entrepreneurs to Read
  • Poem: I drove away from my past.
  • Best 6 Bars in Naperville - The Best of Naperville
  • Do you keep your rage bottled up inside? Take the Quiz.
  • An American Indian Short Story about Respect by Dennis Banks
  • They walk among us, they breed, and they vote....

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    Topic: University of Phoenix review
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    I took some classes at University of Phoenix, classes are expensive and classes are not too difficult. I would not go there again just because it was not challenging and the cost was high.

    Topic: Liberty University is a good online school, highly recomment.
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    I highly recommend Liberty University Online over any other online school. They have good programs and teachers. Students are also good to work with.

    Topic: Chicago here!
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    Windy City is number 1, go Bulls!

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    Wish me luck, I will need it!!

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