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10 Disadvantages of Buying a Used Car vs. a New Car

Many people choose to purchase a used car over a new one. Major advantage of buying a used car is that they are cheaper. There are other benefits, for example, you donít have to panic as much about scratches because most likely it already will have a couple. I have not had a chance to buy a new car yet because either I could not afford one or I wanted to save some cash. This is why I know all the disadvantages of buying a used car.
Below are 10 disadvantages of buying a used car.

1. May have hidden problems that may eventually cost more than depreciation of a new car.

Every used car I have bought had a problem, it does not matter whether they were Japanese or American. If you buy a car that only has some problems and it costs little to repair than itís worth it. But you will never know if the previous owner maintained it or abused it.

The V6 SUV that I bought with just less than 100,000 miles was cheap ($7000), I thought I had a great deal. What I did not know is that someone abused it, and even though that owner experienced problems they kept on driving it, check engine light or not. It needed a new fuel pump, water pump, oxygen sensor, head gasket, crankshaft sensor, spark plugs never replaced, and some other little things. It cost me a little over $3,000 dollars in repairs. There was a benefit that I knew a mechanic and that I did some of the work myself, otherwise it would cost more. I was going to drive the car for about 4 years, now I will keep it for several more since I basically have a new engine.

Buying a used car from a friend or relative can be a bad idea. Your friend or relative might have had no issues with the car but after you buy it, it may have a ton. I had a friend who bought a car from a cousin and since then he has had nothing but problems which causes the friend to have a bad view of the cousin.

2. Repairs may stress you out.

I have a car that I bought with about 40,000 miles with a powertrain warranty. Whenever I buy a car I make sure to do my research to make sure itís dependable. It would have been dependable but someone again abused it. The transmission needed to be repaired. It was great that it had a warranty, the repair cost me nothing, but I did not drive the car for about the first 3 months of owning it. The dealer gave me a hard time, did not want to fix it correctly the first time. It now drives but every so often it does not switch gears properly which can be stressful because I sometimes think that it will need another transmission repair.

3. Car repairs may have already been done to the car.

Used, rebuilt, cheap parts may have been used. I remember I had this car where my alternator went out, I bought a rebuilt one at AutoZone. Well every few months I had to replace it which was all replaced under warranty every time and I got really good at replacing the alternator. You will never know what parts were replaced and if quality parts were used.

4. Car dealers make more money selling used cars then new cars.

If you are going to keep a car for longer than 7 years then it may be more beneficial to purchase a new car.

5. Used cars have worse fuel economy.

Your car will burn more fuel then faster and bigger newer cars. If you drive a lot that may be a problem.

6. Used cars are not as safe.

You may be driving one day on the freeway and all the sudden you brakes lock up and your car goes from 60 mph to 0 in a few seconds. This is a true story, happened to a friend of mine on his Chevy Malibu (had about 110,000 miles). Turned out that the brake rotor was rusted and cracked under high pressure that caused the brakes to lock up.

7. Annoying sounds.

Used cars will make all types of different strange sounds that you may have no idea where they come from. Especially if the car has over 100,000 miles or over a certain age.

8. Driving long distances can be a gamble.

If your car has over 150,000 miles you may have a plan to drive 200 miles and back but you know that you might not make it back.

9. Some used cars smell.

A used car may smell bad. Someone could have drove around it with a dog where now it is very difficult to get rid of the smell. New car smell would be nice.

10. You may have a more difficult time getting rid of a used car for personal reasons.

When buying a new car one drives it for several years and then may get another new car when they, for example, get bored of it or start having problems. When driving a used car you may have an expensive repair and then decide that you have to drive it for a year or two longer so the money spent on the repair was worth it. That way you prolong selling or junking the old car which can be a money pit. Just remember, someday you have to let it go.