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10 reasons why immigrants come to England or the USA, Brexit

Below are ten reasons why immigrants come to England or the USA. Reasons are not numbered in a specific order.

1. Bored. Immigrants got bored of their home country and want to try living somewhere different. For example, want to live in a different culture.

2. Lazy. Immigrants are looking for an easier place to live or want to take advantage of benefits. Why spend time doing difficult work like building roads or factories when that has already been built in other countries? Why work when I can have unemployment and housing benefits?

3. Greedy. Many immigrants are greedy and want more wealth, money hungry. The very poor can't afford to emigrate or are too drunk to do so and the wealthy / educated don't need to. Someone who is average in one country and sees no chance in improving their standards will try to emigrate to become above average.

4. Impress. Immigrants will try to show family and friends in home country that they can do it alone or on their own to impress. This way they raise their self-esteem by impressing others.

5. Gullible. Immigrants will come because they perceive that everything is better but at times its not. Movies do a great job in making everyone believe that one part of the world is better then another. Many believe that life is much better so they pack up and move.

6. Education / Experience. They are looking to get more educated or want new experiences. An immigrant could have spent 5 years in earning an engineering degree and could not find a job in their home country. So they emigrate thinking that its easier elsewhere.

7. Running Away. They may be running away from the law or family. Some are criminals who don't want to do time while some don't want to see their families anymore.

8. Party. Some immigrants just want to party and have a good time so they travel and work in other places. Just like college students go away to school to party, well some immigrants emigrate to party.

9. Followers. They follow what others do, for example, my neighbor emigrated and they are doing great so I should try that too.

10. Unpatriotic / Complainers. They are unpatriotic and disrespectful to their home country. They constantly complain and talk badly about where they grew up. Negative thinkers.