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5 Benefits of Joining a High School Sport

1. Gets you in good shape.

If you have a good coach then he or she will motivate you to get in good shape. A good coach will create a good workout plan that will help you grow both physically and mentally. Physically as in being strong and mentally as in having more courage and confidence to perform in front of an audience and beat the other team. While being in a high school sport an athlete might be in the best shape one will ever be.

2. Meet new people.

Throughout high school one may have most friends with classmates from the same year. In high school there may be certain groups in place where one has friends that have something in common. When being in a high school sport one is able to meet students from different groups and ages. At times the high school athlete will then belong to two different groups of friends. Sometimes these friendships last forever.

3. School spirit.

While being in a high school sport itís just natural to have more high school spirit. Whether you want to or not you will feel more connected to the school.

4. More memories.

Spending two or more hours a day at the high school practicing or working out will give you many more memories of the school. It is just something that will occur naturally especially if the high school athlete enjoys the sport.

5. Time management skills.

A high school athlete will have better time management skills then a non-athlete because they will need to keep up their grades. Being in a high school sport and managing good grades is a difficult task. If a high school athlete is not able to do that then high school sports might not be a good idea.