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5 High School Football Tips for Coaches - Coach to Win

1. Meet with your athletes for a one on one meeting at least ones a month to go over on what the athlete needs to do to improve. Even if the meeting is only for 5 minutes, it makes a big difference. Most of the time the student athlete is not doing something correctly or does not know how to improve in, for example, pull-up strength. Coach them not only in groups but individually. Have the athlete keep a journal on what they have improved on and what needs to be done to improve.

2. Meet with the entire team ones a month in a classroom setting. Meet to talk about teams goals and to talk about individual goals like eating properly. Most student athletes do not understand that proper diet is important to gain strength. Knowledge is important for success in a sport like football.

3. Identify the athletes that are struggling and come up with a specific plan or a specific routine for that athlete. Maybe the athlete is too tall or too heavy or just does not have talent. But the high school athlete is there because they enjoy the sport and should be supported. Something must be done to motivate and encourage this athlete to excel.

4. If an athlete suffered an injury then the coach should meet with the athlete immediately to find out all the information about the injury. Is the football player in pain? What exercises should the football athlete avoid? What is the recovery plan? All of this should be talked about and planned with the athlete. Show the athlete that someone cares.

5. Don't overtrain your athletes and motivate them to get good grades. Remember that these are just high school athletes, most will never compete in a football meet after high school. School grades are more important then the sport. Let the athletes recover, don't overtrain them, rest is also important.