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5 Reasons to Remain a Nurse and 10 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Being a nurse is a demanding job, it has its ups and downs. Some people enjoy it while some have second thoughts about the career. Below are 5 reasons to remain a nurse and 10 ways to avoid burnout that you should consider.

5 reasons to remain a nurse

1. Knowing you saved lives
2. Personal rewards – such as knowing that one has helped someone
3. Career flexibility – several nursing specialties and nursing degrees
4. Good pay
5. Flexible hours –4, 8, 10, and 12 hour shifts, work weekday or weekends

10 ways to avoid burnout – whether it be emotional or some other type of burnout

1. Accept that you are burnout – don’t deny it, notice the situation you are in so that you can take action
2. Make a list of what can and cannot be changed
3. Do something about it – make a plan to get back on track
4. Take some time off - spend time with family or friends
5. Exercise – exercise is a great way to reduce stress, aim to exercise daily
6. Be assertive – don’t let others walk over you, have courage to say no
7. Have time for fun – free yourself from pressure, for example, gardening
8. Get a hobby – something you can enjoy
9. Avoid caffeine found in sodas and coffee – this will result in better sleep and mood, as well as decreased anxiety and headaches.
10. Try Chamomile tea – will help you feel calm