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6 Benefits of Homework and the Homework Checklist

School homework is sometimes viewed as another demanding task in an already overwhelming workday. At times one can forget the benefits of homework.

The 6 Benefits of Homework are:

1. Homework has been found to directly relate to academic achievement.

2. Homework is associated with improved student attitudes toward school and increased parent involvement in the educational process.

3. Homework may serve to promote better study habits and facilitate understanding of course material.

4. Time spent on homework has important positive effects on learning. Specific potential advantages include increased time on task, enhanced review skills, and potentially greater practice with and generalization of newly acquired skills.

5. Homework can help students develop organizational skills and promote self-management. By learning to self-manage, students also build self-determination skills. Such life skills as setting goals, determining steps for reaching those goals, and effectively problem solving can all be enhanced through carefully planned and relevant homework assignments.

6. Homework may be especially important in providing the extra time required for any newly taught skills to become established.

Reminder homework checklist:
•• review all homework assignments before leaving school;
•• gather any school materials needed for homework assignments before leaving school;
•• prepare the work area at home, including placing all anticipated needed materials at hand;
•• review the proposed schedule for homework completion for that day;
•• review individualized reminders of successful homework strategies;
•• review proposed routine when homework is completed; and
•• submit completed homework

With online assignments, students need to understand
(a) the schedule under which assignments will be posted online,
(b) how such assignments are to be accessed and downloaded,
(c) how the student’s work is to be submitted online, and
(d) when and how teacher feedback on that work can be accessed.

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