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A leader must think of Godís teachings when using leadership skills.

Response to Joel T.
I like the fact that Joel T. has written that the ideal leadership model is one that is genuinely selflessly focused on God and the wellbeing for those the leader serves. A leader must be careful in the way that he leads others. A leader must think of Godís teachings when using leadership skills. Dr. Fischer mentioned some of this in his video. Dr. Fischer (2010) said that scripture gives us a warning about head knowledge that it puffs us up and it can cause us to never come to the full knowledge of truth (Fischer, 2010). We donít create truth; we discover it with the Holy Spirit guiding us (Fischer, 2010). Dr. Fischer also mentioned what leaders should do with rules and regulations. If we just focus on rules and regulations, than we will only have a bare minimum compliance (Fischer, 2010). Leaders should interact with followers in understanding. Everybody has the capacity to interact meaningfully; everybody needs to be spoken to as a child of God made in his image (Fischer, 2010). If a leader follows Gods word, acts ethically, and treats employees with respect than everything for the leader should go according to plan. What it really means to be an affective leader is taking care of relationships first, that is perhaps the biggest challenge (Fischer, 2010).

Fischer, K. (2010). Leadership Gap [Video file].