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Bloomington-Normal IL police are racist.

Bloomington-Normal IL police are racist.
Comment from a black person.

After driving 2.5 hours from Chicago back home. We saw 2 cars pulled over in the first 15 minutes of being in McLean County and both passengers were black. It reminded me of how many times I've seen this in my hometown, so about 7 years ago every time I saw someone pulled over, we slowed up to see if the person was black or not. and about 8 out of 10 times, they were. For those of you who don't live here, not a lot of black people live here so to be 80% of the people pulled over is alarming. Whoever, was questioning my comment should note that the government housing in Chicago that was gentrified relocated their Section 8 housing to other smaller cities like Bloomington, Peoria, Champaign, etc... So with the police knowing that, there is a good chance these younger black males have been in that environment, they might also be easier targets to earn revenue via tickets, court fees, etc.. BN cops have always needed to bust people doing non-serious criminal activities such as drinking outside at a college party, or being caught with a weed pipe or underage drinking tickets to generate revenue for the city. They have prayed on college students for years doing this and now they have added black people to this list the past 7 years. I have witnessed this. So for anyone to say that me commenting on what I'm observing as being ignorant, or uninformed than you are being disrespectful to me. I've traveled to almost every state in this country as a professional driver so I'm observant of police activity especially on the roads. I KNOW MY CITY and I KNOW WHAT I SEE you can't tell me what I've observed just like I can't tell you what you've seen in your life. So when I said every time I come home I see this. that is my truth.