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Corporation that run according to a biblical wordview must have ethical debt and payout policies

For a corporation to be run according to a biblical wordview it must have ethical debt and payout policies.  Many corporations worry about profits only which is why federal and state laws were written. Although all US firms face the same federal bankruptcy laws and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, firms face different state laws depending upon where they are incorporated (Mansi & Wald, 2011, p. 701).  State laws vary; a state like Delaware does not have as many restrictions as a state like California.  Firms incorporated in states with tighter restrictions are much more likely to pay dividends unless they approach the binding payout constraint (Mansi & Wald, 2011, p. 728).  Companies that pay more dividends are monitored more closely. To avoid being controlled many corporations will move to a state with fewer restrictions.  Firms that change incorporation from more to less restrictive states decrease their dividends and are less likely to continue paying dividends (Mansi & Wald, 2011, p. 728). Corporations that pay fewer dividends are more likely to reinvest these profits back in the corporation.
Mansi, S., & Wald, J. (2011). Payout policy with legal restrictions. Financial Management, 40(3), 701-731.