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How is employee development related to its goals for innovation and change?

1. Ch. 2: How might a company's goals for employee development be related to its goals for innovation and change? To goals for productivity? Can you discuss ways these types of goals might conflict in an organization?

A company's goals for employee development are related to its goal for innovation and change and productivity. All of these areas are required for a company's need/desire to stay current, competitive and profitable. Innovation and change is required as only by staying open to change and being willing to adapt to an ever changing market can a company hope to remain profitable. Likewise only when a company's production levels are high can they hope to remain competitive as they must be able to supply their merchandise at a level which meets its demand. The best way to have high levels of production is by fostering an environment/culture where employees feel important and valued. This can be achieved through employee development either by cross training, employee advancement/promotions, or constant career development. When employees feel valued by their employer they reciprocate that trust and feeling back by being more productive and giving more of themselves into their work and contributions on a daily basis.

There is some conflict to all these goals. Since it takes time to development an employee the productivity may suffer while the employee is developed. Keeping a high productivity level may also get in the way of innovation and change. As in employees may not have time to innovate and accept change because there is no time for it. Creating a goal of developing employees can occasionally lead to disgruntled employees. Change, though necessary, is not always welcomed and normally is met with opposition upon its initial implementation. Conflict is sometimes created when any of these types of goals are going to disrupt the organization's culture that has been standing for a while. In situations such as these, top management must be cautious not to implement too many changes too quickly.