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How to clean a credit card reader / pinpad

Does a credit card at times need to be swiped multiple times before it processes? Maybe a card reader all the sudden stopped working on one of the registers? If the answer is “Yes” then it might be because your credit card reader is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

There are several ways to clean a card reader. For example, there are card reader cleaning kits available. But the simplest and cheapest way is to purchase Isopropyl Alcohol Lens Wipes that are used to clean eye glasses. Make sure that these wipes only contain Isopropyl Alcohol so that no damage occurs to the card readers. Place the wipe around a card and swipe it a couple times, swipe slowly. The wipes dry quickly, about one wipe is needed for every 2 to 3 registers. Card readers should be cleaned about every 3 months or when problems occur.