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ITIL Practice Questions part 2. The three Service Provider business models?

Which of the following areas would not be supported by a Service Design tool?
- Process design

What are Request Models used for?
- Identifying frequently received user requests and defining how they should be handled

A Service Design Package should be produced for
- a new IT service, a major change to an IT service, and an IT service retirement

What is the first step in Incident Management?
- detect and record

Which of the following sentences BEST describes a Standard Change?
- A pre-authorised change that has an accepted and established procedure

Hierarchic escalation is best described as
- Notifying more senior levels of management about an incident

In many organizations the role of Incident Manager is assigned to the Service Desk. It is important that the Incident Manager is given the authority to
- Manage incidents effectively through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line

The BEST description of the guidance provided by Service Design is
- The design and development of services and service management processes

Which process is responsible for frequently occurring changes where risk and cost are low?
- Request fulfillment

Which of the following is the CORRECT definition of a Release Unit?
- The portion of a service or IT infrastructure that is normally released together

By applying Availability Management methods and techniques to the design, development, and delivery of a service, which of the following will not affect the overall availability of that service?
- Component expenditure The cost of a component does not directly affect overall service availability

The following statements about processes is correct
- The output from a process has to conform to operational norms derived from business objectives, The objective of any IT process should be expressed in terms of business benefits and goals, A process may define policies, standards and guidelines

How can an organization determine the effectiveness of the Service Level Management process?
- by measuring customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect to determine the effectiveness of Service Level Management

What is the use of additional technical experts in the Incident Management process called?
- functional escalation Involving more technically proficient personnel is called functional escalation

The following should be available to the Service Desk
- Known Error Data, Change Schedules, Service Knowledge Management System, The output from monitoring tools

Which of the following explains the reason behind managing Service Availability?
- The business is more dependent on IT in order to meet corporate goals, thus achieving expected Availability is crucial

Service Assets are used to create value. Which of the following are major types of Service Asset?
- Resources and Capabilities

Which of the following BEST describes a Change Authority?
- A role, person or a group of people that provides formal authorization for a particular type of change

DSL = Definitive Software Library

An SLA (Service Level Agreement) is legally binding, an OLA (Operational Level Agreement) is a best efforts agreement

In the forward schedule of change (FSC) all approved and planned changes are published

In terms of adding value to the business, which of the following describes Service Operation's contribution?
- Service value is actually seen by customers

Which of the following combinations covers all the roles in Service Asset and Configuration Management?
- Configuration Administrator/Librarian; Service Asset Manager; Configuration Manager; Configuration Analyst; Configuration control board; CMS/tools Administrator

Where Business Continuity Management is established, business continuity considerations should form the focus for IT Service Continuity Management

Data used to support the capacity management process should be stored in
- A capacity management information system (CMIS)

Resource Management is an activity of capacity management

The correctness of the data is called Integrity

What are the three Service Provider business models?
- Internal Service provider, External Service provider, Shared Service provider

The Impact is used to categorize the Request for Change. The Impact determines how many resources in terms of money, time and capacity is needed to implement the change.