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Man-centered vs. a God centered approach to Servant Leadership

•What is the difference between a man-centered approach to servant leadership and a God centered one?

Man-centered approach is less focused or not focused at all on God; it is not centered in God. People that use a man-centered approach may mention God but they do not follow his words. Man-centered approach will focus more on personal gain or pleasure than following God. Someone who follows a man-centered approach prefers the praise of people than the praise of God.
Someone that uses a God-centered approach will use a leadership style that may not go along with people that are faithful. It may not be viewed as a modern leadership style. Choices made by a God-centered approach may also not be the easiest to accomplish which is why it may require more explanation or persuasion.

•What are some of the challenges of practically practicing servant leadership?

Many leaders in the business world prefer to be policy makers or disciplinarians instead of serving others. This way they appear to be strong and also make others work harder because they are afraid of losing their jobs. Another big challenge is not to try and acquire wealth, power, and fame but to worry about meeting and identifying the needs of others. Many leaders became leaders just to acquire wealth, power, and fame. These types of leaders’ eventually loose popularity and are not remembered. Also, someone who is not a natural servant leader may have difficulty adjusting to a servant style and may give up.

•How does a biblical, covenantal perspective inform our understanding of servant leadership?

It informs us to serve God first. Only by showing obedience to God we can show our love to him. Using a God-centered approach every leadership decision is made with God in mind.