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One-page credo left to my employees (example)

I demonstrate quality work, caring in my approach, and I am trustworthy. I try to be as ethical as possible when making decisions. I considers others before myself when making decisions. I believe in hard work and I support individuals who are struggling but doing their best to improve. I also support individuals that want to learn, grow, and contribute. Which is why I highly value employees who study the best procedures on getting the job done. I value continuous improvement throughout the organization. I refuse to be angry and disrespectful, I try to be kind to anyone I come in contact with. I also would like others to be kind in return, if they are not then I try to understand why to make the leader to employee relationship better. If employees are not kind to each other than this may create conflict, issues like these need to be dealt with immediately. I understand and acknowledge that because change is constantly occurring that means that employees may fail at times, but this creates opportunities for improvement and new learning opportunities. I try to manage change the best I can by providing as many learning opportunities as possible. I as a leader always try to take change positively and with enthusiasm so that progress can be made. The employees that struggle through the change receive extra help, assistance, and coaching. I listen and try to learn something from everyone. I try to take everyones opinions into consideration before making a decision. The final decision I make may or may not involve the opinions of others. I support everyone in their goals whether it be personal or work related, I also try to offer help when I see employees need it. The way I offer help is in the form of coaching or assisting if it is a job related issue. I understand that employees have a life outside of work. I try to accommodate employees with family issues whenever possible. My leadership plan is to have a profitable, enjoyable, and respectable place to work in where everyone has a chance to advance their career.