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Opinions on my Project while a Project Manager

Were contracts used to procure any GWS (goods, work, or services) items for your study project?
All employees that were involved in the project were already full time employees. There had to be several employees hired and a team leader for the new team. The team leader was already involved in the project. All new employees other then the team leader were hired as contractors; after about six months they were given full time employment. Computers and software were already present since the project was about moving work to a different location.

Were these items managed differently than in-house aspects of the project?
All employees were hired through the HR department. HR department was given a list of skills needed and from there on employees were hired. BP has established relationships with outside temporary agencies that they were able to contact to get employees quickly.

If your case study project used contracts for GWS items,
How were the contracts negotiated and who was involved in this process?
The project managers along with employees involved in the project decided how many employees should get hired.

What kinds of contracts were used?
Temporary employment contracts were used for six months. After that employees were hired full time.

Did any procured items pose any difficulties to the project? If so, how?
Employees had to be trained. Employees were allowed to travel to a different state to meet employees that were being let go. These employees trained the new employees on everything they had to do. This was the most difficult part of the project.


In contracting out work, does the customer relinquish all control over the project to the contractor? Explain.

No, after the contract agreement, the contractual agreement must be managed; ensuring that work performed is in conformance with the contract and that the contract is up-to-date regarding ongoing changes in the project, customer needs, and the contractor’s capability.


What aspects of project control fall under contract administration?

Planning purchases and acquisitions, planning contracting strategies, asking for and proposals from SDOs, and evaluating proposals from SDOs.

At the heart of contract administration is procurement control – the process of:
monitoring quality, schedule, and cost of all procured items
visiting and inspecting the facilities of subcontractors and suppliers
tracking subcontractors’ and suppliers’ progress and expenses
preparing contingency for all major procured material, equipment, components, and services