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Predicted Versus Unpredicted Panic Attacks: Acute Versus General Distress

Patients can sometimes predict panic attack and sometimes they cannot. Panic attacks can be triggered by external or internal triggers. Physical sensations and cognitive images or thoughts can trigger panic attacks internally. Panic attacks are usually unpredicted unless patients experience social phobias or other anxiety disorders. Unpredictable external trigger may lead to agoraphobia, because the individual will try to find ways to avoid the panic. It has been shown than unpredicted panic attacks cause more distress than predicted panic attacks. Experiment was made with 71 individuals 28 men and 43 women with different levels of panic attacks and agoraphobia. Patients were self monitoring to report results of panic attacks and daily mood ratings. The self monitoring lasted 2 to 8 weeks. In the end 189 panic attacks were reported. 11 people monitored unpredicted panic attacks, 18 monitored predicted and unpredicted panic attacks, and 12 monitored panic attacks that were predicted and unpredicted. The experiment proved that once a panic attacks occurs the following day patients will worry about getting another panic attack. Especially if the panic attack is unpredicted. Although with unpredicted panic attacks not much agoraphobia develops.

I enjoyed this article. I did not know that people with panic attacks experience unpredictable and predictable panic attacks. I though that most panic attacks are unpredictable. It was also nice to know that only the unpredictable panic attacks cause agoraphobia. The difference that I would do in this experiment is to use more individuals. Also monitor what types of lives the individuals live, types of work they do.

Anxiety Disorders and intimate Relationships: A Study of Daily Processes in Couples
The degree to which anxiety is related to the quality of close relationships is the focus of the article. It has been shown in the population studies that person with anxiety disorder frequently experience poor marital quality. But, it is not know with great detail whether it is more or less likely because she or he experiences elevated anxiety on those circumstances. Daily process design has been used to try to come up with the answer. 33 couples in which the female was diagnosed with anxiety disorder were the participants in the study. Results of this study show that there is an an association between anxiety disorders and relationship distress. As also suggests a cross-partner effect, which mean that days when women experienced higher anxiety, their partners were most likely report lower positive qualities, but not negative relationships qualities.
I think that the article was interesting. Authors did a great job analyzing. But the article only talked about females with the anxiety. I would have like to read about couples in which the males have the anxiety. But like in the previous articles I think that 33 couples is not enough. There should be at least 100 couples from different regions and backgrounds. The graphs in the article were helpful.

Phenomenon of Panic
This article also talks about predictable and unpredictable panic. It talks about different ways of treating panic attacks. Using placebo or real medication. 108 individuals were used in this study with 31 men and 77 women with ages from 20 to 67. Patients were interviewed and asked questions on the amount of panic attacks they receive. Results show that depressed people have more panic attacks. All individuals had both predictable and unpredictable panic. Many individuals might be confused as to when unpredictable and predictable panic occur. That is because unpredictable and predictable panic attacks result in the same symptoms.
In this experiment I would also use more individuals in the experiment. I would also make sure that female to male ration is about 50 percent. I would also want to make many interviews not just a couple. I would also have individuals to do some self monitoring like in the previous article.