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Top 5 Reasons People Stay and Leave their Jobs.

Top 5 reasons people stay at their jobs are:
1. Being paid well
2. Liking their coworkers
3. Having job security, or building equity/seniority
4. Having good benefits, such as medical/dental insurance and pension plans
5. Being used to the job

Top 5 reasons people leave their jobs are:
1. More money
2. Better benefits
3. More opportunity for career growth
4. Less stress or pressure
5. Wanting a change of pace

Most people want to change jobs during the spring (21%) followed by the beginning of the year (18%).

How long is long enough to be at one job:
about 40% say that more than 10 years is a good amount of time
about 25% say 5 years
about 11% said 10 years
about 10% say 2 years
about 9% say 1 year