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Title: Personal Attributes of Leadership - Research Paper
This literature review examines scholarly work in the area of leadership. In particular this paper focuses on the personal attributes of leadership and that the needed skills and abilities for leading are within the grasp of those who desire to grow in this area. There are four main sections of this paper covering the key topics discussed by the various authors: conceptual skills, technical sk...
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Title: Transformational leadership and how it pertains to strategic vision
A vision must be made up of coherent, integrating goals, strategies and action plans translated into a complete and recognizable picture of the future company in its entirety (Keng-Howe Chew & Chong, 1999). A strategic vision ensures that companies can work towards a long-term goal and, hence, a higher rate of survival in today's business world (Keng-Howe Chew & Chong, 1999). Effectiv...
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Title: Jeff Bezos was a visionary leader but some say that he was a transformational
Jeff Bezos was a visionary leader; some say that he was a transformational leader. Not surprisingly, the visionary mode comes naturally to "transformational" leader - those who seek to radically change an organization (Goleman, Boyatzis & McKee, 2004). Visionary style is most appropriate when changes require a new vision, or when a clear direction is needed (Goleman, Boyatzis & McKee,...
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Title: Small wins that can be attained that will move an organization forward
Big wins are great-but they are relatively rare (Kouzes & Posner, 2012). One example of a company that had tremendous results with small wins is DuPont. An extensive study involving five DuPont plants documented that minor changes (for example, introduction of forklift trucks) - rather than major changes (for example, introduction of new chemical processing technologies) - accounted for o...
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Title: A shared vision for my organization (example)
An organization can refer to your home, work, church, civic organization, etc.)

Visions are images in the mind - impressions and representations (Kouzes & Posner, 2012). Visions are about the strong desire to achieve something great (Kouzes & Posner, 2012). My shared vision is to change my place of work. Change it to employ better team leaders. Most team leaders we cu...
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Title: One-page credo left to my employees (example)
I demonstrate quality work, caring in my approach, and I am trustworthy. I try to be as ethical as possible when making decisions. I considers others before myself when making decisions. I believe in hard work and I support individuals who are struggling but doing their best to improve. I also support individuals that want to learn, grow, and contribute. Which is why I highly value employe...
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Title: How do you build credibility in your relationships with others?
The data confirm that credibility is the foundation of leadership (Kouzes & Posner, 2012). When it comes to deciding whether a leader is believable, people first listen to the words, then they watch the actions (Kouzes & Posner, 2012). If people don't see consistency, they conclude that the leader is, at best, not really serious, at worst, an outright hypocrite (Kouzes & Posner, 2...
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Title: Leaders need to stop making unnecessary rules, it only complicates things.
One of the best leadership experiences I had is when I took the role of a leader without even realizing it. It was during a summer camping trip when me and three other friends were playing badminton. When we first started playing the game we had no rules. I for some reason started to make rules to the game. After 5 minutes two players left the game. Now since it was me and only one other f...
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Title: Results: Collaborative Team Excellence and Collaborative Team Leader Questionnaire
Take the Collaborative Team Excellence and Collaborative Team Leader Questionnaire, and Psychodynamic Approach Survey, and discuss your results.

A: I was thinking of the media committee when I was filling out the team leader questionnaire. My media team received all 3's and 4's except for one question which is question 13. Question 13 says our team leader is willing to confron...
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Title: Results: Path-Goal Leadership Questionnaire and the LMX 7 Questionnaire
Take the Path-Goal Leadership Questionnaire, the LMX 7 Questionnaire, and the MLQ and discuss your results.

A: After taking the Path-Goal Leadership Questionnaire I received a 20 for directive, 21 for supportive, 29 for participative, and a 20 for achievement style. I am kind of supprised by these scores, I always thought of myself as more of a directive style. A participative...
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