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Title: Results: Style Questionnaire and Situational Leadership questionnaire
Take the Style Questionnaire, Situational Leadership questionnaire, and LPC and discuss your results here in your journal.

A: The scores I received on the style questionnaire were a 42 on task which is in the high range, and a 30 in relationship which is moderately low. I am more task oriented towards others, I need lots of improvement in the relationship orientation to be an e...
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Title: My primary leadership style. Skills Inventory test
What is your primary leadership style (from Primal Leadership)? How do you need to adjust to your team?

A: I use all leadership styles, it all depends on the situation. Out of visionary, coaching, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting, and commanding styles, the style I use the least would be coaching style, the style I use the most would be visionary style. I tend to look ahead...
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Title: Conflict is most likely to happen in low-performing teams

Leadership as it pertains to conflict was examined. Leaders are faced with several types of conflicts that need attention. The two broad types of conflicts are functional and dysfunctional. Leaders with high emotional intelligence have a benefit in handling conflict; the biggest management is stress management. Transactional and transformation leadership styles are t...
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Title: Transformational Leadership has more impact on employee motivation and worker output
1. What are some new ideas that you've learned about your own leadership area?
This could be things like strengths and weaknesses, new research findings, points of application, etc.

- I tend to be a participative leader. I learned that participative leadership is employed when greater control is required.
- My wife is more of a supportive leader. She can suppor...
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Title: How Emotional Intelligence fits in with Transformational and Transactional Leadership
Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is one of leadership based largely on the leader's personal behaviors which has a substantial impact on followers and can potentially renew an entire organization (Yunus & Anuar, 2012). This is why an effective leader especially a transformational leader must have good emotional intelligence. ...
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Title: Path-Goal Theory, Learning Organization, and Leadership Awareness
A response to Team 3

Path-Goal Theory

Path-Goal theory is more than just offering tangible pay-outs and pats on the back for good performance. Leadership also motivates when it makes the path to the goal clear and easy to travel through coaching and direction, removing obstacles and roadblocks to attaining the goal, and making the work itself more personally satis...
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Title: A Leaders Intelligence is less important than Wisdom and Emotional Intelligence
A leaders intelligence is less important than wisdom and emotional intelligence, and technical skills are important only for certain leadership positions.

Intelligence vs. Wisdom

Intelligence is an important trait for leaders but it is not the most important trait. Wisdom is far more important the intelligence. Greenleaf (1996) stated that one of the problems t...
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Title: Interpersonal Leadership Literature Review

This literature review examines leadership theories with a view to interpersonal aspects of the several perspectives under discussion. The paper will proceed by examining three leadership perspectives in particular, namely the Path-Goal Theory, the Leader-Member Exchange, and the Psychodynamic Approach. The research reveals that each perspective has useful analytical t...
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Title: Sam Walton the Transformational Leader
Sam Walton the Transformational Leader

Transformational leadership involves an exceptional form of influence that moves followers to accomplish more than what is usually expected of them (Northouse, 2012). One example of a leader who utilized transformational leadership is Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart (Kendrick, 2011). Sam graduated with a degree in economics and built an em...
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Title: APA Formatting: Video and PowerPoint examples
Many of you are familiar with using APA formatting in our School of Business classes. Most of the time we cite journal articles or books, which are pretty standard as far as formatting goes. However, in our course we have several atypical sources that you may use in your posts and papers. These sources include embedded videos, the PowerPoint slides, and you might even cite a group mate's commen...
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