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Title: Predicted Versus Unpredicted Panic Attacks: Acute Versus General Distress
Patients can sometimes predict panic attack and sometimes they cannot. Panic attacks can be triggered by external or internal triggers. Physical sensations and cognitive images or thoughts can trigger panic attacks internally. Panic attacks are usually unpredicted unless patients experience social phobias or other anxiety disorders. Unpredictable external trigger may lead to agoraphobia, be...
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Title: Are PDA customers likely to be price-sensitive?
11. Pricing (See chapter 14)
a. Are PDA customers likely to be price-sensitive? Is demand elastic or inelastic? Explain. What are the implications for pricing the Sonic 1000 PDA?
Consumers usually look at a product that has a high price and think that it will be a better product. Although a lower price will usually sell more of a product. Since the Sonic 1000 PDA is a brand ...
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Title: Avoiding Myopia. To keep from suffering myopia, Sonic can follow the actions suggested by Levitt.
What 3 actions, found in the Levitt article, can Sonic do to keep from suffering myopia?
According to Levitt there are many reasons that cause myopia but there is one major reason. The major reason for a decline in industry growth is because there has been a failure of management (Levitt, 139). This failure comes from the top where organizations are more product oriented instead...
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Title: What will be the debt-to-equity ratio after Reliable Gearing restructuring?
Reliable Gearing currently is all-equity financed. It has 10,000 shares of equity outstanding, selling at $100 a share. The firm is considering a capital restructuring. The low-debt plan calls for a debt issue of $200,000 with the proceeds used to buy back stock. The high debt plan would exchange $400,000 of debt for equity. The debt will pay an interest rate of 10%. The firm pays no taxes.
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Title: Corporation that run according to a biblical wordview must have ethical debt and payout policies
For a corporation to be run according to a biblical wordview it must have ethical debt and payout policies. Many corporations worry about profits only which is why federal and state laws were written. Although all US firms face the same federal bankruptcy laws and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, firms face different state laws depending upon where they are incorporated (Ma...
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Title: Siemens is breaking ethical standards to achieve higher profits
Siemens AG is one of the largest electronics and electrical engineering companies in the world. The company was founded in 1847 and its headquarters are in Munich, Germany. Siemens AG produces equipment for industry, healthcare, energy, and infrastructure. Siemens currently does business globally and is similar in size to General Electric.

The financial position of the com...
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Title: Companies that use private equity are more flexible and have more fuel to grow faster
Raising capital in today's economy is much more difficult than it was before the recession started. With the current economy most companies especially emerging and struggling companies experience more problems and take much longer in making a decision on how to raise capital. Emerging companies are taking longer to come public, secondary venture capital markets are increasing dramatically and...
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Title: Servant Leader college paper notes
An approach to leadership called servant leadership focuses on developing employees to their fullest potential in the areas of task effectiveness, community stewardship, self-motivation, and future leadership capabilities (Shekari, 2011, p. 55).

Servant leadership is an emerging model of leadership characterized by its emphasis on strong follower-centric, altruistic, moral/ethica...
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Title: Servant Leader needs Knowledge and Wisdom
Servant Leader needs Knowledge and Wisdom
Servant leadership is about serving others by being knowledgeable and wise. The best way Christians can serve others is by using a God-centered approach. To be a Christian is not just doing the right thing it is acknowledging that we need a savior Jesus Christ (Fischer, 2010). Using a man-centered approach a leader will focus more on personal ...
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Title: Cultural characteristics that can diminish servant leadership and how can they be overcome
One cultural characteristic that can diminish servant leadership is individualism. Individualism is part of the American culture. To be an effective servant leader a servant leader must think of others and not just about themselves. Employees spend so much time at work that many consider the workplace to be a 2nd home. If anyone does not provide for his relative, and especially for his imme...
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