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Title: Challenges of institutionalizing servant leadership in an organization
Unless an organization is a nonprofit organization, all organizations try to attain the highest profits possible. Attaining quick results is essential to all leaders in these organizations. Many leaders may see servant leadership as a "slower to respond" leadership style. Servant leadership takes more time to implement. For example, in a non-business situation like a fire, servant leadershi...
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Title: What are some of the challenges of practically practicing servant leadership?
-What is the difference between a man-centered approach to servant leadership and a God centered one?
Man-centered approach is less focused or not focused at all on God; it is not centered in God. People that use a man-centered approach may mention God but they do not follow his words. Man-centered approach will focus more on personal gain or pleasure than following God. Someone who ...
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Title: Personal career advancement can stifle a desire to truly be a servant leader
What are ways that the need for recognition can stifle servant leadership?
Only a small number of employees do not want to get recognized. These employees are usually the ones who have given up trying to get ahead. Employees that want to get recognized are especially the ones who were once managed and then became managers. Managers are usually more driven to be recognized because they wo...
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Title: Servant Leadership: From a Biblical Perspective
Servant Leadership
Greenleaf (1996) stated, "The servant-leader is servant first. . . . It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first" (p.1). Being a servant leader is not one of the traditional ways of leading in today's society but it is one of the oldest,oldest; it dates back to the Old Testament. Jesus explained to his followers that their practice of lea...
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Title: Employees need to be included in all decisions, because many employees resist change.
Response to Stephen Z.
Stephen has written a great post. What I think is missing is that for a situational leader or any other type of leader to be effective the leader must build mutual accountability. Dr. Fischer (2010) mentions that employees need to be accountable to a leader, but the leader also needs to be accountable to the employees. If a leader makes this a one way street wh...
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Title: A leader must think of God's teachings when using leadership skills.
Response to Joel T.
I like the fact that Joel T. has written that the ideal leadership model is one that is genuinely selflessly focused on God and the wellbeing for those the leader serves. A leader must be careful in the way that he leads others. A leader must think of God's teachings when using leadership skills. Dr. Fischer mentioned some of this in his video. Dr. Fischer (2010)...
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Title: Leader need to see the big picture, while the employees mostly see the details.
Leadership notes.

Intelligent discussion of ideas, not looking for perfection because plenty of researchers have had time to do this (Fischer, 2010).

We need to talk about leadership, interpersonal relationships, culture of the company, structure of the company, talk about all the processes that create a healthy company (Fischer, 2010).

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Title: College Paper on leadership, conflict management, emotional intelligence
Leadership as it pertains to conflict was examined. Leaders are faced with several types of conflicts that need attention. The two broad types of conflicts are functional and dysfunctional. Leaders with high emotional intelligence have a benefit in handling conflict; the biggest management is stress management. Transactional and transformation leadership styles are the most ...
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Title: Landon Care Products organized through departmentation by function or departmentation by product?
1) Investigate the 360 feedback system as a performance evaluation tool. List key advantages and problems associated with this method. There are several names for 360 feedback, one popular name is Multirator, either name will be used interchangeably. There are several advantages and disadvantages for 360 feedback. One advantage is that Multirater feedback has the potential to promote team cohes...
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Title: Can a person be a good manager without being a leader? Project Leadership
1. The author states that there are various definitions of a "project". List at least 5 characteristics common to the various definitions. (The "characteristics" may have different synonymous names.)
- Temporary - Every project has a beginning and and end which is why it is temporary.
- Unique - Every project is different in outcome, also has to be tackled differently.
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