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Title: How to clean a credit card reader / pinpad
Does a credit card at times need to be swiped multiple times before it processes? Maybe a card reader all the sudden stopped working on one of the registers? If the answer is "Yes" then it might be because your credit card reader is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

There are several ways to clean a card reader. For example, there are card reader cleaning kits available. But the...
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Title: How to clean a Thermal Head receipt printer
After printing, the thermal head can be very hot. Be careful not to touch it and to let it cool before you clean it. Do not damage the thermal head by touching it with your fingers or any hard object.

Turn off the printer, open the printer cover, and clean the thermal elements of the thermal head with a cotton swab moistened with an alcohol solvent (ethanol, metha...
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Title: 10 reasons why immigrants come to England or the USA, Brexit
Below are ten reasons why immigrants come to England or the USA. Reasons are not numbered in a specific order.

1. Bored. Immigrants got bored of their home country and want to try living somewhere different. For example, want to live in a different culture.

2. Lazy. Immigrants are looking for an easier place to live or want to take advantage of benefits. Why ...
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Title: Bloomington-Normal IL police are racist.
Bloomington-Normal IL police are racist.
Comment from a black person.

After driving 2.5 hours from Chicago back home. We saw 2 cars pulled over in the first 15 minutes of being in McLean County and both passengers were black. It reminded me of how many times I've seen this in my hometown, so about 7 years ago every time I saw someone pulled over, we slowed up to see if th...
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Title: Climate of business in this modern age
The climate of business in this modern age has sadly turned from ensuring the happiness of their employees and looking out for their work/life balance to squeezing as much work out of them for as little as possible.

Business, in general, seems to have forgotten that an employee that enjoys coming to work will ultimately WANT to be as productive as they can because of the pride th...
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Title: Poem: I drove away from my past.
I drove by your house today.
I drove by and saw your car and knew you were home.
And I wondered how it would feel to rush to your door.
Ring your doorbell.
See your face.
Press my lips to yours.
Taste you.
Smell you.
Feel your heartbeat.
I drove by your house and stared for a while at an igloo.
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Title: If the white man wanted you gone, they could do it tomorrow
Black people need to stop embracing ignorant behaviors because "that's who we are." So, you've given up trying to be better instead of what our great-grandparents and great-great grandparents were forced to be because the laws of their day kept them from receiving an education? When are we as a people going to stop embracing what's given to us and start creating for ourselves?
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Title: To Black People: A few things on my mind
A few things on my mind:

If you are important to someone, they will learn about you instead of making assumptions about you. You won't have to remind them about who you are or what you want.

If you don't like men using the women's washroom, don't ask them to show their penises before they go in. Then you'll never know.

If someone goes out of their wa...
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Title: Frustration at work, Anger at Management
So today is quite possibly one of the more horrible days I have had in quite some time.

Had to come in to work on my "work from home" day because my computer will not connect to our office VPN.
Got pulled off the Emergency Response Team (management/team leads) at work because I am not here enough to "add value to the team," though I didn't want to work ...
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Title: 5 High School Football Tips for Coaches - Coach to Win
1. Meet with your athletes for a one on one meeting at least ones a month to go over on what the athlete needs to do to improve. Even if the meeting is only for 5 minutes, it makes a big difference. Most of the time the student athlete is not doing something correctly or does not know how to improve in, for example, pull-up strength. Coach them not only in groups but individually. Have the ...
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