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Title: 5 Benefits of Joining a High School Sport
1. Gets you in good shape.

If you have a good coach then he or she will motivate you to get in good shape. A good coach will create a good workout plan that will help you grow both physically and mentally. Physically as in being strong and mentally as in having more courage and confidence to perform in front of an audience and beat the other team. While being in a high school ...
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Title: 10 Negatives of Working in a Call Center and 5 Positives.
I have worked in a 24/7 technical call center for about 10 years. Below are 10 negatives and 5 positives of both the technical and customer service type of call center.

1. Negatively looked upon.

There are several different types of call centers, for example, the ones that are very technical and the customer service ones where a customer calls in and complains...
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Title: 5 Reasons to quit a high school sport and 3 consequences
5 Reasons to quit a high school sport and 3 consequences
I have been brought up to always stick till the end, to never quit. But there comes a time when continuing to be in a high school sport is just too much and quitting may be the best choice.
5 Reasons to quit:
1. You no longer have fun.

Being in a high school sport should be a fun experience. If you...
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Title: 10 Disadvantages of Buying a Used Car vs. a New Car
Many people choose to purchase a used car over a new one. Major advantage of buying a used car is that they are cheaper. There are other benefits, for example, you don't have to panic as much about scratches because most likely it already will have a couple. I have not had a chance to buy a new car yet because either I could not afford one or I wanted to save some cash. This is why I know a...
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Title: When Should a Car Thermostat be Replaced?
Thermostats are not expensive, and should be replaced every so often, about to replace one in my Ford Fusion. There is no recommended changing interval and it does not have to be replaced but it is good preventive maintenance to get it done. Thermostats can get clogged especially if coolant was not replaced during scheduled times, over time it will also wear out due to use. My Ford Fusion cu...
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Title: ITIL Practice Questions part 2. The three Service Provider business models?
Which of the following areas would not be supported by a Service Design tool?
- Process design

What are Request Models used for?
- Identifying frequently received user requests and defining how they should be handled

A Service Design Package should be produced for
- a new IT service, a major change to an IT service, and an IT service retiremen...
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Title: ITIL Practice Questions. example: BEST definition of a Configuration Item (CI)?
The group that authorizes changes that must be installed faster than the normal process is called the?
- Emergency CAB (ECAB)

The Best processes to automate are those that are:
- Simple and well understood

Who is responsible for ensuring that the Request Fulfillment process is being performed according to the agreed and documented process?
- T...
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Title: ITIL - Continual Service Improvement Model (CSI Model) questions
Continual Service Improvement
Continual Service Improvement is the phase that binds all the other elements of the Service Lifecycle together and ensures that both the services and the capabilities for providing them continually improves and matures.

The Continual Service Improvement Model (CSI Model) provides the basis by which improvements are made to both services and ...
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Title: ITIL - Processes in the Service operation are:
Service Operational
The primary objective of Service Operation is to enable effectiveness and efficiency in delivery and support of IT services.

= Service Desk - To support the agreed IT service provision by ensuring the accessibility and availability of the IT organization and by performing various supporting activities.

= Technical Management -...
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Title: ITIL - The 7 Rs of Change Management
When assessing Changes, it is important to have answers to the following seven questions:
1. Who RAISED the change?
2. What is the REASON for the change?
3. What is the RETURN required from the change?
4. What are the RISKS involved in the change?
5. What RESOURCES are required to deliver the change?
6. Who is RESPONSIBLE for the build, test and impleme...
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