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Title: ITIL - 5 Processes in the Service Transition
Service Transition
The primary objective of Service Transition is the development and improvement of capabilities for transitioning new and modified services into operation.

Processes in the Service Transition are:
1. Knowledge Management
2. Service Asset & Configuration Management
3. Change Management
4. Release & Deployment Managemen...
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Title: ITIL - Information Security Managements 4 perspectives
Information Security Management is to align IT security with business security and ensure that information security is effectively managed in all service and IT Service Management activities.

Information Security Management must consider the following 4 perspectives:
1. Organizational - Define security policies and staff awareness of these
2. Procedural - Defined p...
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Title: ITIL - Capacity Management consists of 8 main activities
Capacity Management - To ensure the current and future capacity and performance demands of the customer regarding IT service provision are delivered for in a cost-effective manner.
It is about finding the right balance between resources and capabilities, and demand.

Capacity Management consists of 8 main activities:
1. Performance Monitoring - Measuring, monitor...
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Title: ITIL - Five major aspects of Service Design
Service Design
The Service Design phase is concerned predominantly with the design of IT Services, as well as processes, service management systems and tools, service solutions, technology architectures, and measurement systems.

Five major aspects of Service Design are:
1. Service Portfolio: Service Management systems and tools, especially the Service Portfolio for...
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Title: ITIL - Service Strategy, Service Package, Service Portfolio Management
Service Strategy
The primary objectives of Service Strategy are to:
- Design, develop and implement service management as a strategic asset and assisting growth of the organization.
- Develop the IT organization's capability to manage the costs and risks associated with their service portfolios
- Define the strategic objectives of the IT organization

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Title: Help Desk vs. Service Desk explained
Help Desk is just help
Service Desk adds a lot more value to the organization by providing improved communication and help to drive resolution

Configuration Item = any component that needs to be managed in order to deliver an IT service.
Example: IT service, hardware, software, building, documentation

CI information is recorded in a configuration reco...
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Title: RACI model is a powerful tool utilized to define roles and responsibilities
The RACI model is a powerful tool utilized to define roles and responsibilities. In general, you match up roles and responsibilities with processes. The tool is extremely useful when rolling out a new change management program, or just uncovering the processes that make your organization function and identifying the participation in those processes. First let's discuss what RACI stands for:
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Title: Leader-member exchange (LMX), Conflict and Emotional Intelligence
Leader-member exchange (LMX)

LMX refers to how leaders (managers and supervisors) maintain their position through a series of interactions with the members (subordinates) in an organizational hierarchy (Kulkarni & Ramamoorthy, 2011). LMX relationship can be classified as 'high-quality' ('in-group') or 'low-quality' ('out-group') exchanges (Kulkarni & Ramamoorthy, 2011)...
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Title: Contemporary Leadership Theories - Old, bureaucratic leadership styles must give way
Much has changed in organizational understanding and application of leadership models since the days of top-down, military-influenced leadership styles. Given that there are an estimated one hundred separate and unique definitions of leadership alone, the leader in the knowledge economy today is in need of a clear and compelling leadership roadmap. This paper examines the current thought among ...
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Title: Contextual Leadership and its Approach
This literature review focuses on contextual leadership in the organization. Leadership concepts are continually changing and developing however, they are three main categories: Transactional leadership, transformational leadership and contextual leadership. Transactional leadership is a balanced give-and-take between organizational goals and team performance. Transformational leadership emphas...
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